Zyl racontée par...
Smile (Robin Ruizendaal)

“Aimer à loisir/aimer et mourir/au pays qui te ressemble”, these lines from the poem L’invitation Au Voyage by Beaudelaire always remind me of Zyl. How she loved this island and her people and how this love was returned in many ways. She loved to share her life, wine and food, books and laughter. And that is how I will always remember her, with a welcoming smile, a smile that represented the best of both French and Taiwanese culture. In Paris, we were eating fabulous dinners with oysters and boudin noir and lots of wine with all our friends in Taiwanese style at a round table. At Le Pigeonnier in Taipei, the best of French literary culture came and mixed with new and old Taiwanese readers. She made you feel what culture is all about: style, beauty and fun. And while she created so much joy for others, she was always working hard to teach and run a business and to let the world know that Taiwan is one of the best places to live. We should continue to smile and share our culture, that is the beautiful gift that Zyl has given us and that is what we need to pass on.